SolarNetwork Foundation Subscription Price Explorer

Use this page to estimate the subscription costs associated with your SolarNetwork account over time. SolarNetwork accounts include the following subscriptions, billed monthly, each of which has a tiered pricing structure. See the subscriptions page for more details and explanations of the terminology like node, source, and properties.

Properties Posted
The total number of properties uploaded to SolarNetwork across all datum for all sources for all nodes in your account.
Datum Queried
The the number of datum returned via queries to the SolarNetwork API.
Datum Days Stored
The number of datum stored in SolarNetwork, across all sources and nodes in your account, calculated each day and summed for the month.

Cost explorer form

The form below allows you to simulate the effect that different numbers of nodes, sources, properties, and query levels have on monthly subscription costs. This simulation does not account for many changes that can occur over time, such as adding/removing nodes and variable query usage, but it should give you a basic understanding of the costs associated with various node deployment scenarios.

To use, simply change the form values. The table will update automatically to reflect the configuration as you change it. The table shows the subscription usage and associated costs based on the configuration, per month for 5 years. The default settings show only the first month and thereafter the last month of each year. You can change the settings as follows:

The number of SolarNode devices collecting data in your account.
Sources / node
The number of unique data sources each node will collect data from, i.e. connected devices.
Datum / source / hour
The number of datum each source will generate, per hour, i.e. how many times each source reads from a device.
Properties / datum
The number of properties collected on each datum, i.e. metrics read from each device.
Queried datum / source / hour
The number of datum queried from SolarNetwork per source per hour.
Show all months
Toggle the display of all months in the table, rather than just the first plus last month of each year.
YearMonthProperties PostedDatum QueriedDatum Days StoredProperties Posted CostDatum Queried CostDatum Days Stored CostMonth Total CostRunning Total Cost

Tier rates

The following table shows the subscription tier rates used to calculate the costs shown above. The tiers work by divvying up the usage count for the month, filling each tier up to its maximum level. For example, if the Properties Posted usage for a month was 10,512,000 then the tier rates would break down to:

  1. 500,000 @ $5 / million = $2.50
  2. 9,500,000 @ $3 / million = $28.50
  3. 512,000 @ $0.80 / million = $0.41
SubscriptionTierStartRateMaximumMaximum Cost